Design your ideal life

“When your values are clear your decisions are easy” Roy Disney

It starts with a gift…

Each year we aim to give 180 people an inspirational experience to transform their approach to financial planning. This is a high-value four-part gift (currently worth £900), with potential for life-changing impact, bringing them greater clarity about their personal values.

If you are interested and choose to accept this gift, first you will receive a copy of Values-Based Financial Planning – The Art of Creating an Inspiring Financial Strategy by Bill Bachrach. This is part of our mission to help to create a better world by sharing this profoundly insightful and fresh approach to finance. Second, you will receive a series of newsletters to get you thinking about the material needed to help you create your ideal life.

"You will find a wealth of knowledge in this easy-to-read and simple-to-implement guidebook for taking control of your financial life and accomplishing what’s most important to you and your family"
Steven Covey
Author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Working with Everett MacLeod through the exercises outlined in the book, you will:

  • Connect with your most deeply held values
  • Select meaningful financial milestones that support your ideal life
  • Benchmark your current financial reality and identify any ‘gap’
  • Find ways to enhance your quality of life
  • Assess whether you would benefit from financial planning support
  • Determine your personal financial management style
  • Learn how best to interview potential advisors

Get in touch to request your copy of Values-Based Financial Planning today.

Creating Your Financial Road Map

If you like what you read in the book and the newsletters, we will then offer you a 30 minute initial telephone conversation with Mike MacLeod. This allows you to become comfortable with our unique approach, and consider if it might be good for you, before arranging a Financial Road Map meeting if that seems appropriate.

The Financial Road Map meeting usually takes an hour and a half and will give you greater clarity on your current financial position, life goals and next steps. This meeting is the final part of our introductory gift to you, and its purpose is to identify if there is a good fit if we were to work together.

“To have his path made clear for him is the aspiration of every being” Joseph Conrad

Putting Your Financial House In Order

If we are in agreement to proceed, there are three phases to your relationship with us, where we help you to:

1. Clarify your values and goals, give generic advice and make best practice recommendations (typical fee – between £1,500-£2,500 based on complexity)

2. Implement any specific recommendations

3. Maintain and update your Personal Financial Plan to ensure you have the highest probability of realising your goals.

Each phase is charged separately, without any commitment to proceed to the next phase.

How You Get Value from Working with Us

Undertaking the entire journey with Everett MacLeod will:-

  • Align your financial choices with your most important goals and most deeply held values
  • Put your entire financial house in order and keep it that way
  • Generate confidence that no matter what happens in the world you will achieve your goals
  • Maintain the most simple structure required to reach your goals
  • Free up time to spend on the activities you regard as most important

Everett MacLeod are registered as Independent Financial Advisers to ensure that you receive appropriate regulatory protection when advice and recommendations are made.

As Independent Advisers we are free to execute any need for any financial products from all product providers in the marketplace. We regard this as a small part of our service to you.


“Successful people have this over their rivals: they know where they are going” Mark Caine